Independence Park, Bristol paddle, Sunday 30OCT2022
If at least two people show interest on this message board, I will coordinate a paddle on Sunday, 30 OCTOBER 2022. The planned route is from Independence Park in Bristol, southward to the Mt. Hope Bridge, across to Portsmouth, and northward to the Bertha K. Russell Preserve. There is a tidal pond that you can only enter around high tide, and high tide is at 12:20PM on this day. This would be a Level 2-3, as the distance would be close to 9 or 10 miles. So if you are interested, respond to this message, and if at least two respond, I will provide more details.


P.S.  Here's a video of a solo paddle of the same trip:     

UPDATE: There is one paddler who contacted me by phone that they will be going. I need just one more paddler to be attending to confirm the trip!

UPDATED UPDATE: THE PADDLE IS 'ON' !!! Launch time will be 10:30 AM.
Rocks are our friends!  Rolleyes
I'll join the paddle.

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