Stuck in the forum!
Likely due to my advancing age, but I USED to be able to click on ricka home from the sea kayak page and end up at the basic ricka page.  Can’t figure out how to do it anymore.  Any help?  Thanks
Hi Ron,
You can still access the Ricka home page from the Ricka sea kayak page, on the left hand side, the first link under the third category called “RIC/KA Sites”. However, your header refers to being stuck in the forum, I don’t think you can click on anything in the message board to get to the Ricka website. Looking forward to seeing you on the water this summer!
I cannot find the setting to change the link in the header, however....

Unintutively, the link on the bottom of the page that says "RICKA Sea Kayaking Forum" will take you back to the Sea Kayaking home page.
Thanks, Eric!

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