Level 2 paddle at Ft. Adams, 18SEPT2021
    CONFIRMED:  Level 2 paddle at Ft. Adams, Boat launch area, launching at 10AM on Saturday, 18SEPT2021. I will add directions within a few minutes.

DIRECTIONS: Enter 200 Fort Adams Drive, Newport, R.I. into your GPS. When you turn into Fort Adams from Harrison Ave, ignore the further instructions from the GPS, and take your first right. This will lead you downhill to the swimming beach. You will see a long building. Take a right here (with the building on your left). The boat ramp is at the end of this road.
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Hi Tony - I would be interested in Fort Adams.
I'm driving to Stonington on Sunday so I'd like a shorter drive on Saturday.  Also would not be averse to some rolling and rescue practice!
(09-17-2021, 12:47 PM)Tony M. Wrote: Anyone interested in a Level 2 paddle for tomorrow (Saturday  18SEPT2021)? I did an ambitious paddle earlier this week and am looking for an easy one to end the week, maybe Wilson Park or even Ft. Adams. If interested, let me know here...if at least two people respond to this message, I will post launch time and venue here.                      Tony

Tony, I'd be up for whatever.. Andrew
Fort Adams, Level 2, 10:00AM. launch. I will try to find a link for directions within the next few minutes.

Rocks are our friends!  Rolleyes

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