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Hi Folks,

Several folks from the Wednesday eve session were interested in learning to roll or tuning a roll.  While there are lots of rolling videos and approaches, this is one that I like (hopefully it's useful for others).

Kent Ford is an intro


I think this is the best DVD on how to roll.  This video is a promo clip. The DVD demonstrates both spoon and Greenland paddles, but truthfully more geared to the Greenland paddle.  If you are a whitewater paddler I don't think this is what you want.  But for ocean paddling it gives you 2 1/2 hrs of suggestions and techniques.

I dug around for the price, which gave me this link. About $27.

If you want any info on Greenland paddles, just ask.  (Self promotion is human nature, especially true when politics is involved.)  I have carved about 60 so far in the process devloping really good ones.  60? you ask?  Well, how many bricks does a stone worker lay to become a master mason.  How many chess games does a person need to win to be come a chess master.  Which brings me back to the original paddle question.  About 10, the rest are just for fun.

When in rough water, always have a paddle plan.
Plan A- stay above the water.
Plan B - try to get back above the water.
Plan C - sorry.

Mike Krabach

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