preferences North Water Britches or Scabbards
Need to replace my spare paddle holder. Has anyone used both and prefers one over the other?
I have both and much prefer the britches.  The scabbards have only 4 attachment points (2 on each side) and because they're rigid and stick up, tend to be caught by waves more and move up and down on the perimeter lines.  One design advantage of the scabbards is they're easier to attach by velcro straps around the perimeter lines.  But I've found they do tend to move forward and aft more in rough water.

The britches have attachment points all along the sides which you can either run your perimeter lines through or weave through the perimeter lines with cord.  They are flatter to the deck, too, and this combination seems to stay in place better.

The openings for the paddle ferrules stay open on both types, making it easy to re-insert the ferrules on and off the water.

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