Greendland style paddling
Greetings all,

Yesterday I sold one of my Greenland sticks to a fellow from Newton, MA. He's new to kayaking and wants to learn how to paddle properly with a Greenland paddle. I immediately thought of Mike Krabach and Jerry Borenstein. I also suggested he should check out the RICKA sea kayaking group, among others. Is there anyone else who might be intersted in showing him the ropes, Greenland style?

Try using Youtube. Search suggestion "greenland paddle technique"
Years ago I took a Greenland rolling workshop with Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson. They have their own company I believe .
It was incredibly valuable lesson. I'd recommend signing up for a Greenland workshop.
There are many to choose from and there’s nothing like learning in person from knowledgeable 
folks that are truly committed to the practice.
- Jon
This is Turner's website.
They had a several instruction sessions in Maine earlier this year.  Probably will offer some next year.

They have their video on how to roll, "This is the Roll",  and while excellent in showing the basic rolling, it is more than the basic paddle strokes.

My favorite Greenland site is Brian Schultz's
Which has an extensive amount of "stuff" on Greenland paddling and kayaks. 

I have high regards for both Turner and Brian.  I built a kayak in Brian's class in 2011, 
and Turner's in 2015.
Thanks Mike and Jon, I'll pass on the links.

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