West Island Sat 7/8, 10 am Launch
West Island, Fairhaven Saturday 7/8, 10 am launch, Level 3 mainly due to distance (8-10 miles).

Launch site is the east end of Edgewater Street Boat Ramp, Fairhaven, MA  https://www.kayakaccessri.info/mapserver...water.html
This is at the north end of Sconticut Neck and is the closest free parking to West Island.

As of 7/5, forecast is sunny, temps in the high 70s, south wind 5 kts increasing to 9 kts in the afternoon when we're heading north back to the launch site.  Tailwind home, couldn't ask for more!

This is a map of the route:  https://www.maps.ie/map-my-route/viewMap...ute=237731

The entire east half of West Island is uninhabited conservation land, so there should be lots of birds as well as shoreline nooks and crannies to explore.

Hope you can join us!

P.S. Keep an eye on this thread in case of unanticipated weather changes. 

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Hi Cat,
       High tide is at 12:54PM (New Bedford), so should we drop off our boat and gear at the end of the boat ramp, then park our cars on the road away from the ramp? I remember the high tide being quite high and that it inundated the small parking lot right near the boat ramp.

Rocks are our friends!  Rolleyes
Hi Cat,
I’d like to join this trip if the weather is good. The distance is fine for me. I’ve been paddling a couple of days each week and practicing deep strokes in the water for more stability in choppy water. You ok with me coming?
Hi Tony - it is a neap tide this Saturday, so we should be okay parking near the boat ramp.  Last time, 8/13/22, was a spring tide just after the full moon,  which was a supermoon, thus the extreme tides we experienced.  I also set the launch time as 10 am rather than 9:30 am, to give the 1 pm high tide time to recede before we get back.

Hope to see you there!

Hi Ann - that's great, I'm glad you're able to join us.  See you Saturday.
Wayback in time.
Wind forecast has become milder as of Friday 7/7:

Variable winds less than 5 kt becoming SSE around 6 kt in the afternoon. Seas around 1 ft. 

Coastal water temps are around 70° F, and I'm guessing the water will be a bit warmer where we're going, due to shallower depths.

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