May 25th Rolling/Rescue Practice
Thursday, May 25th 4 pm  Rolling and Rescue Practice, Route 24 fishing access to Gull Cove.
-Justin Boyan and I are meeting to do some rolling and rescue practice at 4 pm on Thursday, May 25th.  Anyone is welcome. 
-The water is warmer than ocean temps, but wetsuits at a minimum (drysuits recommended).  Bring a helmet if you're going to practice rolling. 
-Gull Cove is the big lagoon south of Route 24 in Portsmouth, just west of the Sakonnet Bridge.  The access road is off Route 24 northbound between Boyd's Lane and Hummocks Avenue.  There is an exit lane which immediately turns into a very bumpy, rutted dirt road, so slow down coming off the highway. The road turns left toward the tidal pool where we'll be practicing.

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