BC Personal Performance Awards. THIS WEEKEND
Morning folks.

We do have two British Canoeing Personal Performance awards running this weekend.

Saturday May 13:  Jamestown RI, Fort Wetherill.  Meet at Launch 0900 Hrs.
  • BC SK Personal Performance Award. (3* Skills)

Sunday May 14:  Stonington Borough CT, Fishers Island Sound.  Meet at Small Boat Association Launch 0900 Hrs.
  • BC Coastal SK Personal Performance Award. (4* Skills)

If there is any interest from the RICKA sea kayaking community.  Please reach out and we can loop you in.

Best regards
Greg Paquin
Kayak Waveology, LLC.
British Canoeing Performance Coach
British Canoeing Leadership & Guide Provider
SKUK/NDK and Celtic Paddle Dealer
NDK Expedition Center
Tel: 860-304-4000
Web: www.kayakwaveology.com

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