RICKA Pool Session - 21 January
Paddlers - You don't need an ocean to get your boat wet!

Weather permitting, we will hold four pool sessions this year. There will be 10 signup slots available in each session, and there are 42 people on this email list. I will try to give everyone a fair shot at attending at least one session, so please read this email carefully and follow the process. All sessions will be at the South County YMCA, South Kingstown, RI.

This notice is for the January 21st session only. Any prior email you sent me regarding interest/availability for the pool sessions is not applicable. Please email RLCOUPLAND@MSN.COM to sign up for the January 21st pool session. The first 10 respondents will have a slot, and I will track several alternates.

If you sign up and subsequently cannot attend, PLEASE let me know before the day of event so I can contact an alternate to fill your slot.

I have requested your cell phone numbers so I can contact you with any urgent information before the event, such as weather cancellation or alternate slot availability. This is not a requirement, but if you have not provided me with your cell phone number you may wish to do so.

The YMCA requires that we have insurance for these events. If you are an ACA member you are automatically covered. (That is why I have requested your ACA membership numbers) RICKA sends $5 to ACA to cover each non-ACA member participant. If you are an ACA member and have not yet sent me your ACA number, please do so. Also, please also bring those numbers with you to the event. 

Everyone will be required to sign a waiver form for each event. 

The cost of these pool sessions is fully covered by RICKA, including the insurance. Give a huge shout-out to the RICKA Executive Board if you can! 

The January 21st sign-up is now open. Good luck!

Rich Coupland
Thank you Rich for organizing tomorrow’s and all the future rolling sessions !

Thank you to Rich for organizing the pool sessions, it’s valuable to be able to practice during the winter and so great to see everyone!

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