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Mock Students Needed. Autumn Gales - Kayak Waveology - 10-20-2022

Hi RICKA Sea paddlers,

I have a unique, fun, and free opportunity to get involved with some of our British Canoeing assessments happening on or around our Autumn Gales rough water meet next weekend.  The time frames are listed below.  It would be good to have 3 -4 Mock students/penguins for each assessment.

RICKA L3 - L4 paddlers would be for the BC Sea Kayak Leader assessment.  RICKA L4-L5 paddlers would be good for the BC Adv Sea Kayak leader assessment.
  • The Date range for the BC SKL assessments Sunday Oct 30 - Tuesday Nov1.  
  • The Date range for the BC Adv SKL assessment is Thursday Oct 27- Oct 30.

Now the date range gives us the best opportunity for conditions and availability of mock students for just one day.  So, I'm putting out the word to see if any RICKA club members would be interested and what is possible?  If any of you are available and want to get involved, then please reach out to me and we can try and coordinate the best days possible. 

Thank you in advance.

Greg Paquin

Kayak Waveology, LLC.
Tel: 860-304-4000
Email: coach@kayakwaveology.com
BC Performance Coach
BC Leadership Awards, Safety, Guide, and Coach provider