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Full Version: Autumn Gales, and subscribing to multiple RICKA SK Forums
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Hi friends,

I am posting this in the "Paddles" Forum, since it is the most visited forum on the message board. 

I just got a heads-up from Greg Paquin that he had posted a message regarding the Autumn Gales that are coming up next week. When I realized I had not received an email notification for that thread I went looking, and found that I had not subscribed to the "Commercials" Forum.

So just a heads-up from me: to subscribe to a Forum, open it, then look on the right side of the blue bar at the top of the thread. There's a lot of good information in the Forums!

And, as for the paddle opportunity in this thread? FYI, there are still openings in the Autmn Gales.

All the best,