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Author Topic: Sea Sherpa Open Water Trainings 2018  (Read 363 times)

gerry p

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Sea Sherpa Open Water Trainings 2018
« on: May 12, 2018, 03:50:02 PM »

Sea Sherpa Kayak has a new web site and calendar page.  Check them out at https://seasherpakayak.com.

Upcoming events Connecticut Rough Water enthusiasts may be interested in include:
-  Open Water Training:  May 19-20       
A custom program geared towards paddlers with rudimentary active water experience looking to step up their skills.  Options for one or two days of instruction.  Held in the SE Connecticut and Rhode Island outer shore areas.
Click on link for further details: https://seasherpakayak.com/event/open-water-skills/

-  Reversing Falls and Rock Gardens:  July 14-15
This is an open water skills development class, geared towards intermediate paddlers, located in the beautiful and remote Schoodic Peninsula area, just outside the magnificent Acadia National Park in Maine.  Venues will include Sullivan Reversing Falls and rock gardening along the rugged outer coast.
These days will be focused on open water instruction.  We'll be aiming to make this a  concentrated and productive experience.  Conditions forecasting, incident management, techniques for rock gardening and taking advantage of the opportunities reversing falls offer that are both unique and universal to moving water kayaking.
The main event is over the weekend.  There are options to add days to fit your schedule. Non paddling significant others are welcome to join.
Click on link for further details:  https://seasherpakayak.com/event/schoodic-area-reversing-falls-rock-gardens/

-  Schoodic Sea Kayak Retreat:  September 28-October 1st
Co hosted with Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayak fame. 
Nick and Gerry have been paddling buddies for years and this marks their first event together.  Held on the remote Schoodic Peninsula, in the rugged and fantastic waters off Acadia National Park, this event is part skills instructional, part exploration/productive play session. There will be two pods of paddlers:  one of new open water enthusiasts - the other of seasoned open water warriors.  A fleet of Nick's boats will be available for use in the waters they are designed for. 
Participants will be housed at the famed Schoodic Institute.  Comfy apartments, great food, hiking trails that lead directly onto the outer coast.  Non-paddling significant others are welcome to join.  There are regular running shuttles, interpretive tours, local art galleries and fantastic hiking to keep them entertained. 
Click on link for further details:  https://seasherpakayak.com/event/schoodic-sea-kayak-retreat/

-  Mid Coast Sea Kayak Rendezvous:  October 26-28
This is, no kidding and hands down, a best in class.  Fantastic venues combined with an attentive and supportive coaching staff.  The Midcoast Sea Kayak Rendezvous is an annual event put on by John Carmody which fills to capacity every year with virtually no promotion - simply on merit and word of mouth.  It features coaches from both North America and the UK that hold the highest levels of certification. Unlike many other symposiums, the midcoast venues offer a wide variety of types of water to learn in.
Click on link for further details:  https://seasherpakayak.com/event/midcoast-rendezvous/

-  Private and Custom Events:  Available Spring through Fall
Create your own event.  These are super efficient and focused on your individual wants and needs.  Whether you are interested in personal skills in conditions, leadership, navigation, incident management, conditions forecasting, expeditionary skills, or just getting out for an active water play day in rocks, surf and tide races, privates are a great option.
Available on many weekends and most weekdays.  Gerry has spent years turning his film lighting business into a self-running machine to allow him plenty of opportunity play hooky and get on the water.  These events are run out of the SE Connecticut and Rhode Island outer coast areas.
Clink on the link for further details:  https://seasherpakayak.com

Keep an eye on the calendar.  More events to follow.
Have a great paddle season.  Hope to see you on the water soon.

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