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Author Topic: 7th Autumn Gales. Oct 30Th - Nov 1St (Up Date Flash!!)  (Read 1280 times)

Kayak Waveology

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7th Autumn Gales. Oct 30Th - Nov 1St (Up Date Flash!!)
« on: February 19, 2015, 01:23:59 PM »

    Dear friends and paddlers,

    We are looking forward to many great days on the water this season.  As you start to get primed for the 7Th Autumn Gales rough water paddling symposium.  The Autumn Gales is and always has been a top coaching event in an advanced water environment.  Where you have the chance to get out into local tide races and overfalls under the watchfull coaching eyes of our top British Canoeing coaches and local rough water guides.  To learn new moves, refine manovers and judgement skills, or just getting out there for the first time and learning how.  There are venues for everybody to learn in confortably.  There are courses like.

    : Tide Race Surfing
    : Boat Handling in Conditions
    :  Shore Break Surfing
    :  Incident Management / Avoidence

    The Autumn Gales is also an event for coaching growth, where local coaches get to work with International Coaches to expand there knowledge and share alike.  The same goes for the Rough Water Guides.  Aspiring BCU 5 Star leaders have the real time on the water working with the BC International Coaches and already 5 Star leaders, getting ready for there  future assessment.

Here are the visiting British Canoeing / International Coaches.
  • Nigel Dennis, N. Wales
    • Phil Clegg,  N. Wales
      • Peter Jones,  N. Wales
        • Keirron Tastagh,  Isle Of Man
          • Elia Wilkinson, North Wales
USA British Canoeing and ACA ITE Coaches
Dale Williams,  Georgia
Greg Paquin, Connecticut
Paula Riegel, New Hampshire
Various Rough Water Guiides

The main event runs from October 30 - November 1st.  Yes, that's over Halloween :)

Who's running what?

We will plan on running BCU 4 and 5 Star programs with associated navigation courses, and a ACA L5 IDW or ICE from October 28Th-30Th.

Trainers and assessors for BCU programs will be. 

Nigel Dennis, Kerirron Tastagh, and Greg Paquin running the BCU 5 Star Sea Training.

Open Water Nav.  Nigel Dennis
Coastal Nav.  Peter Jones.

BCU 4 Star Training and or Assessments will be run by Phil Glegg, Peter Jones, and Elia Wilkinson.

 ACA Level 5 IDWor ICE.  ITE Dale Williams USA

A lot is coming together in our 2015 seasons coaching and expedition schedule and we have alot courses listed on line calendar at www.kayakwaveology.com, and traveling to other symposiums around the world.

To keep in touch with the Autumn Gales event, follow www.autumngales.com.  The sign ups have started  ;)

All the best
Greg and Paula
Kayak Waveology, LLC.
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Kayak Waveology

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Re: 7th Autumn Gales. Oct 30Th - Nov 1St (Up Date)
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2015, 07:10:44 AM »

Sign ups are open for the 7th Autumn Gales event.  Already we have been recieving registrations.  The early birds have started.

Best regards
Greg Paquin
kayak Waveology,LLC.
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