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Author Topic: Stand UP for Yourself - Stand Up Paddling with Werner's Brian Good - April 6  (Read 1501 times)


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Kayaking "and" Stand Up Paddling.  SUP, as it is referred to does not force you to make a choice; it does not have to be one "or" the other.  By including SUP in your repertoire you will find you can infuse simplicity and an amazing fitness element into your paddling lifestyle.  Join Werner Paddle's Brian Good as helps you understand these key elements of stand up paddling.  A quick introduction to SUP gear will be followed by an interactive, on land, instructional seminar that will look at the similarities between the kayak strokes that you already know and how they translate to the SUP paddle.  Brian may even help you with techniques and suggest training tips you can use at home to make both your kayak and SUP forward stroke more efficient and give you a better core workout on the water.

Come with an open mind and get ready to have some fun!

The event is free and will be held in the main shop at 9 Phillips St, Wickford, RI. No advance reservations are necessary. Bring a friend and get your paddle on!
April 6th, 6-8pm @ The Kayak Centre
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