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Author Topic: Helpful Hints  (Read 4843 times)

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Helpful Hints
« on: September 15, 2007, 10:32:44 PM »

People have asked for some hints on using the new board, so I'll ad them here.
* You do not need to register to post new topics in the General Discussion or the Commercial boards.
* Registered usernames are considered "restricted names" and guest posters cannot use them.
* If you have registered, you cannot post using the registered username without logging in.
* The index page will list the five newest messages posted on the board.
* The board will only show topic names. The number of replies is listed in the right hand column.
* When you click on a topic you will see all of the replies to a given topic.
* Registering will give you the ability to do the following:
  * Attach pictures to your posts.
  * See which boards have new messages and which topics have new replies.
  * Send personal messages to other users.
  * Receive announcements.
  * Post show and go trips and gear reviews.
  * Start polls.
  * Edit your profile to add a tag line and picture among other items.
* The insert quote button pastes the entire message into your reply and puts it in a quote box. It helps refer back to the previos post to which you are replying.
* The following cannot be used as a user name:
   * Admin
   * Webmaster
   * Guest
   * root

I'll add to this list as new questions come up.
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