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Author Topic: Qajaq Klubben - the video  (Read 2388 times)


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Qajaq Klubben - the video
« on: November 26, 2007, 08:57:16 PM »

                              The Arcane Art of  Paddling on the Dark Side

    I happened to get a  video on Greenland paddling from the RICKA library dated ’86, hence the title. Despite the fact it’s 1986, that's a lot earlier than most of us have been paddling. The film is done brown/dark brown sepia tones.  It’s not in bight living colors and the language is likely to be native Greenlander. The back ground music is easy to listen to.  It’s broken up into three segment of about thirty minutes each.  The film is called Qajaq Klubben,  it’s taken at a training session, where else but Greenland.
   The first  segment  show novice paddlers practicing.  Please note that the Greenland coach remains on land dressed in street attire and knee boots unlike his USA counterparts that actually get into the water with the student.  They practice all the necessary skills. I hate to say it but it is gratifying to see that  (all) novice paddlers, make the same mistakes especially in rolling, head up first and then  use the  ‘mighty stick’ to push off the bottom.
   The second segment  is more standard skill techniques demonstrated by a  skilled paddler and then moving into advanced  bracing  and rolling to some trick bracing and rolls.
   The third segment  show how  SOF kayaks are portaged , it’s understandable  as light as they can be and they don’t load them like we do.  Several hunting kayaks are shown , one with iceberg camouflage,  I doubt if it will work down in the Bay, You’ll have to see it.  The use of a rifle is shown here, the technique will work with a camera. Also shown is some rope work, loosening up exercises  and games.
   What did I learn, I’m not sure. I found it to be an interesting film. Skill isn’t ingrained, it’s acquired with much work. Boats are generally the same, we have a much larger choice.  These SOF have build in permanent skegs, some them quite large, you’ll see them when the boat is upside down. Paddlers still drum the hull for attention and help.  Sounds similar, on hearing it any one of us would  react.  There isn’t much color there, but still I found it interesting and it’s available in the library.  Old Saltie     
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